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Meditation notes: time flies in 1 minute blocks

So, I’ve been  doing a Light-­‐love meditation every day pretty much for 3 months now, following Zoran’s instructions. Today I tried the Light–Love meditation in short blocks of 1 minutes each, repeating the sequence several times.  I’ve started meditating at work lying on my office floor as I realised that when I was very busy it was harder to do the morning and night time meditation. Having the option of meditating at work means I have less excuses not to do two a day. Plus it’s a really good thing for me in the middle of a busy day.

The one minute blocks were less difficult than I thought. I started with a two minute block to get settled then did 3 of the one minutes. The hardest part was setting my iPhone timer and then turning it off, and resetting it. It was pretty intrusive. But then I need the timer to train myself about how long a minute is, I’m too new to this to reliably gauge time accurately when meditating, and when I’m in the scanner I will need to be able to do it very consistently. After 3 months I have managed to meditate for about 7 minutes as suggested by Zoran, but it was much longer to start with. Not because I was deep into it, but because of how long it took me to get my flibberty gibbet mind  to quieten down.