Capti: how to do the laundry and read papers at the same time

I’m always on the lookout for ways to bring some variety to my reading and writing. For example, I’m committed to the pomodoro technique and break every 20-25 minutes when I’m reading, writing and lecturing. Even though I take a break to look out of the window and rest my eyes by focussing long distance, I still get fed up and headachey when I’m reading and writing on screen for many hours a day.

So, recently I’ve been using the free app, Capti Narrator. It reads any document or ebook to me. I get a break from the screen and can do laundry while hearing a text read to me. I’ve found it useful for first ‘reads’ and  I like the way I can switch from iPad to iPhone and it knows where I left off.

I have no connection to the Capti Narrator company